T35 Free Hosting 1997-2012

A common question we get here: what happened to t35 free hosting? Great question! T35 was originally started back in 1997 as a free hosting provider, with paid hosting services rolling out a few years later. Although we ultimately discontinued free hosting almost 4 years ago, it was a part of our core services for from 1997 to 2012 (over 15 years!). Like many other free host providers we ultimately had to discontinue the service due to abuse, but let’s take a walk down memory lane and re-visit T35 Hosting during the free hosting years (1997-2012).

T35 Hosting 1999

T35 Hosting 2001

T35 Hosting 2004

T35 Hosting 2008

T35 Hosting 2010

T35 Hosting 2012

Were you among our 1 million+ free hosting clients pre-2012? Drop us a line, we’re still here! While our core services have slightly changed, our premise is the same. We’re here to help you succeed by providing the best hosting solutions.