Why T35 Hosting Has Been Using InterServer for 15 Years

Why T35 Hosting Has Been Using InterServer for 15 Years

Data center colocation services allow business owners to keep their own servers and equipment in purpose-built computer rooms. Also known as colo, a colocation facility provides the building, physical security, bandwidth, power supply, and cooling systems. Their clients can then lease the space by the room, cage, cabinet, or rack. Today, data center workloads are increasingly shifting to colocation facilities rather than privately-owned data centers. In addition, business owners who need to migrate their IT infrastructures to the cloud will require solutions that ensure zero downtime. At T35 Hosting, our web hosting company has been using InterServer services for 15 years and counting. Below are some reasons why they are our preferred colocation facility!

Well-Equipped Colocation Facilities

InterServer’s customers get to choose from 42u and 48u server racks and even purchase full size locking cabinets. The facility also offers UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and generator backup systems to keep our equipment operational during a sudden power outage. In addition, these systems help protect our servers against power surges.

InterServer is one of the few colocation providers that own roof rights at its data center. This means that T35 Hosting and other tenants can mount antennas and satellite dishes atop the building to access fiber networks and/or airwaves.

Fast and Friendly On-Site Services

Located in Secaucus, New Jersey, InterServer’s Teb2 Datacenter is staffed by highly skilled Linux and Windows Administrators. Their on-site technicians can resolve issues that we may face and monitor our data center servers 24/7. In addition to processing incoming shipments, InterServer can install operating systems, racks, and stack servers into our colocation space. One of the biggest benefits of working with this colocation provider is that they provide FREE initial racking and stacking solutions. New equipment delivered to the data center will be racked and plugged in according to their customers’ specifications at no cost.

With proper administrators on site, this practice has given T35 Hosting peace of mind knowing that there is always someone qualified to perform OS trouble shooting, network configurations, hard drive replacements, KVM plug-ins, reboots, console checks, and much more!

Round-The-Clock Data Center Access

Companies that move their data off-site are typically concerned that they might get locked out and do not have perpetual access to their server stacks. Fortunately, InterServer’s ground level building is always open, and we have access to our hardware at all times.

Flexible Billing Options

Colocation service providers should always offer transparency in its billing processes. Consider working with facilities that bill your power usage based on metered power or distribution of power circuits. At InterServer, they offer month-to-month billing options and long-term contracts. T35 Hosting loves the idea of using their colocation services monthly without any commitments, which has worked very well of us over the years.


Now that you are familiar with what has to offer, here is some background information about the managed colocation provider. The company was co-founded in 1999 by Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri. Their mission was to offer affordable data services while maintaining a high level of service and support. Today, InterServer is recognized for its quick servers, dedicated servers, colocation services, and virtual hosting solutions. In addition, they own and operate two datacenters that are located in Secaucus, NJ and Los Angeles, CA.

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