How quickly are orders processed?

The shared hosting plans (cPanel Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Magento Hosting) are all processed within 2-4 hours of the payment clearing. Once processed, a welcome email is sent out with all of the hosting details. Dedicated servers are typically configured and launched within 1 business day of the payment clearing, with custom-build orders taking longer.

Do you limit cpu usage on a shared hosting account?

Since CPU usage is very fluid (can be high one munite but back to normal right after), we don’t use it as a limiting factor on the shared hosting accounts. However, any accountant using more than 10% of combined server resources will be contacted to discuss possible upgrade options.

What are inodes? Do you limit them?

An inode is a data structure used to keep information about a file on your hosting account. Hard drives partitions are made up of two pieces: the actual data blocks (ie: 100GB) and innodes (that store the information about the data). There is so many available innodes on a hard drive partition that it isn’t something that is typically talked about in terms of hard drive or computer capacity. Unlike some other web hosts we don’t use tricks like inodes to limit your account.

How do I cancel an account or service?

Log into your billing panel. Click on “Services”, then “My Services” and you will see your order information. Proceed by selecting “View Details” on your right. Once your product/service information comes up, select the “Management Actions” tab and scroll down to “Request Cancellation.”